Teeth whitening or “bleaching” can be a great way to help enhance and improve the overall appearance of your smile. Teeth whitening can get rid of years of coffee drinking, smoking, red wine stains and discoloration due to some medications and health conditions. Teeth whitening is a nice thing to do for yourself! Regular, at-home treatments can improve your smile and make you feel better about your appearance. Our most popular process is one that you would do in the comfort and leisure of your own home.

These custom-fitted whitening trays allow you to whiten your teeth at home, saving money and time on office visits. This professional service is superior to drug store kits, which only whiten limited teeth. These take-home whitening trays can be used for years, allowing you to whiten your teeth whenever you feel they need it. Many patients notice a notable change within 1 week of starting to bleach.

An in-office bleaching treatment is also available for those patients who want a “jump start” in conjunction to the at home bleaching. This appointment consists of isolating and protecting your gum tissue as well as other soft tissue while placing a maximum strength bleaching solution on your teeth in timed cycles. Patients will spend about an hour and a half in the office but will leave with a noticeably brighter smile!

BLEACH SPECIAL: Mention this at your next visit for 40% off of an AT-HOME bleaching kit!

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