An occlusal guard, or night guard, is a clear, soft-lined, hard acrylic appliance that is custom fitted to your teeth. A night guard has many benefits which include protecting your teeth from wear and tear due to clenching and grinding. It also helps stabilize your jaw in its healthiest position to alleviate facial pain and headaches caused by minor to major TMD (tempro-mandibular disorder).

As dentists, we are determined to make sure your mouth and teeth are well protected during sports activities, no matter what your passion is. To do this, we offer many different types of mouth guards, depending on the types of activities in which you are involved. There are some mouth guards for low-impact sports and others for high-impact sports. Mouth guards not only protect your mouth and teeth, but also have other purposes. Mouth guards will help decrease the impact if you get hit in the jaw. They have also been shown to increase an athlete’s performance.


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