Welcome to Cooper Dentistry! We understand that your first visit to the dentist can be overwhelming. Our team will make sure you have the most positive and comfortable experience. You can always trust Dr. Cooper and his wonderful team to make you feel like family.

It is our goal to make sure our new patients are welcomed into our office with open arms. We are dedicated to taking care of our patients and giving them a healthy smile of which they will be proud of. We are also dedicated to ensuring that all patient questions are answered, and they feel comfortable with any treatment that needs to be done.

At your initial visit, Dr. Cooper will do a comprehensive exam, which will include x-rays, to evaluate your overall dental health. Then, one of our highly trained hygienists will take it from there. If you have been informed of dental treatment by another dentist and are unsure where to begin, Dr. Cooper is more than happy to offer a complimentary second opinion and provide a customary treatment plan to you.

We offer many procedures in our office, including professional cleanings, fillings, crowns and much more. We also offer cosmetic dental care that will leave your smile gleaming! Check out our bleaching special under the teeth whitening tab.

It is our goal to make you proud of your smile! We will do everything we can to help you achieve that as quickly and easily as possible.

Please click here to fill out new patient paperwork prior to your first appointment.